Going filmless in a new hospital setting

  • G. D. Hurley
  • D. P. Mcinerney


In 1998, three old city centre hospitals merged and transferred to a new 600 bed teaching hospital, in the western suburbs of Dublin, at Tallaght. The Radiology Department proposed and the Hospital Board implemented a HIS/RIS/PACS and the new hospital went filmless from the outset. The planning and commissioning process involved is outlined and the technical, infrastructural and management process is described. Conclusions are drawn which may be helpful to others involved in similar projects and finally there is a brief discussion on possible future developments in this field. The experience with PACS has been positive and management objectives have been achieved. Taking the “big bang” approach has considerable operational advantages over a phased approach in a new hospital setting. In Tallaght Hospital, the Radiology Department staff had to master new modalities, a newly upgraded RIS and a state of the art PACS system while also adjusting to work on a new campus. The time available for training was short. Nevertheless the hospital has been filmless since opening and a satisfactory service has been provided.


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  • G. D. Hurley
    • 1
  • D. P. Mcinerney
    • 1
  1. 1.The Adelaide & Meath Hospitals, Inc.The National Childrens’ HospitalTallaght, DublinIreland

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