Basics of computer technology and digital imaging

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To understand what happens to a digital X-ray image, we will accompany such an image on some of its steps. First, the examination is performed on the modality in the way already familiar from systems based on conventional X-ray films; there are no discernible differences here for the patient, or, with very few exceptions, in respect to exposure technique. The sole exception, and only to a limited extent, is the use of phosphor storage plates as a digital equivalent to the conventional survey X-ray. In order to exploit the technical possibilities provided by this modality, the person performing the examination must attend to certain details when generating the examination; this is the subject of another section. When an examination has been concluded, the images produced are not printed out on a laser printer or any other similar output unit, but are sent to a workstation. To make the details more comprehensible, I would first like to clarify.


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