Distribution of arteries and veins within the spinal cord

  • H. V. Crock
  • H. Yoshizawa


Although many studies on the blood supply of the spinal cord have been published since the 19th century, there are still deficiencies in the descriptions of vessels within the cord. One of the major contemporary papers written by Turnbull, Brieg, and Hassler (1966) contains some fine illustrations of the intrinsic arteries of the cervical cord. These authors provide no illustrations of the venous drainage of this segment and they make a number of unsubstantiated comments about the density of veins within the cord. Recently Dommisse (1975) has published an important monograph, The Arteries and Veins of the Human Spinal Cord from Birth, yet even in this work there are no illustrations of the vessels within the spinal cord.


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