Novel Coordination Compounds of Boron

  • James C. Carter


The characteristic reactions of many boron compounds as Lewis acids have been extensively investigated. This has resulted in the characterization of salts of usual Lewis bases such as (CH3)3NBH3, H3NBH3, OCBH3 and (C2H5)2OBF3. The higher boranes and borane fragments have demonstrated similar properties in the formation of compounds such as H3NB3H7, OCB4H8 and (CH3)3NB4H6. Studies of decaborane (10) have clearly established its properties as a Lewis acid, or perhaps more appropriately, the acid nature of the hypothetical B10H12 group. Compounds such as (CH3CN)2B10H12 and (C5H5N)2B10H12 are examples of this behavior.


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