Reaction Kinetics and Stereochemistry of Some Optically Active Transition Metal Complexes

  • Ronald D. Archer


Reaction of cobalt(III) complexes in anhydrous liquid ammonia under a variety of reaction conditions has led to the conclusion that the bimolecular inversion reaction reported earlier in ammonia for D*{Coen2Cl2]+ (in which D* indicates the absolute configuration of the optically active cis ion and en = ethylenediamine) (1) must compete with other reaction paths. The in — version path appears to be insignificant in cobalt(III)ions possessing large ligand field stabilizations. For example retention of configuration is almost complete for substitution of ammonia in D* {Coen2NH3Cl|2+ and the cor — responding bromo complex. The rates of all of the reactions are catalyzed by hydroxide or amide ion eventually yielding racemic products unless the reactions are quenched with ammonium ion almost immediately.


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