Observability of Splittings of Excited Energy Levels Caused by Spin-Orbit Coupling or Low Symmetry Components of the Core Field

  • Claus Schäffer
Conference paper


It has been discussed by various authors how the observed absorption bands of octahedral complexes can be represented analytically as approximately gaussian error curves. Some authors have preferred the wavelength as the independent variable (1), others the wavenumber in which case the half width of the curves sometimes were introduced as two parameters (2), one for each side of the gaussian maximum. Because of the better fit in the region of most interest (relatively near the maximum), and because of the simplicity in having only a single value of the half width we shall apply the wavelength representation here. However, the conclusions that we shall reach only depend on the approximate shape of our curves and will be valid also for other gaussian -like representations.


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  • Claus Schäffer
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  1. 1.The H. C. Ørsted InstituteUniversity of CopenhagenDenmark

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