Chloro-Complexes of Pentavalent Niobium, Tantalum, Protactinium, Tungsten and Uranium

  • D. Brown
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Although oxychloro-complexes of niobium (V) (1), tungsten (V) (2) and uranium (V) (3) have been known for several years only niobium (V) and tantalum (V) were known to form hexachloro-complexes (e.g. 4,5) when this study was started and even these had only been prepared by heating the appropriate chlorides together in a sealed system. As this work was being completed however Adams et al.(6) reported the preparation of tetraethylammonium hexachloro complexes of niobium (V), tantalum (V) and tungsten (V) from solutions of the chlorides in thionyl chloride, one of the solvents in which we had conducted our own investigations.


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