Iron(III) and Proton Associations with Some Singly Substituted Phenolate Ions in Aqueous Solution

  • Kaizer E. Jabalpurwala
  • Ronald M. Milburn
Conference paper


In an earlier study (1) in which the stabilities of 1:1 iron(III)-phenolate complexes were measured in aqueous solution for phenol and several singly substituted para or meta derivatives, an approximately linear relation was observed to exist between the free energies for the association reactions:
$${\text{F}}{{\text{e}}^{{\text{3 + }}}}\;{\text{ + }}\;{\text{O}}{{\text{C}}_{\text{6}}}{{\text{H}}_{\text{4}}}{{\text{X}}^{\text{ - }}}\; \rightleftarrows \;{\text{FeO}}{{\text{C}}_{\text{6}}}{{\text{H}}_{\text{4}}}{{\text{X}}^{{\text{2 + }}}}$$
$${{\text{H}}^{\text{ + }}}\;{\text{ + }}\;{\text{O}}{{\text{C}}_{\text{6}}}{{\text{H}}_{\text{4}}}{{\text{X}}^{\text{ - }}}\; \rightleftarrows \;{\text{HO}}{{\text{C}}_{\text{6}}}{{\text{H}}_{\text{4}}}{\text{X}}$$


Liquid Junction Potential Double Bond Character Meta Derivative Oxygen Donor Atom Potentiometric Titration Method 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Kaizer E. Jabalpurwala
    • 1
  • Ronald M. Milburn
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of ChemistryBoston UniversityBostonUSA

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