Auto-Coordination in Solid Phosphorylchloride

  • E. W. Wartenberg
Conference paper


IR and Raman investigations on solid POC13 at temperatures between -40 to -100° have shown a negative frequency shift of the PO-suetching frequency of 15 cm -1 on passing from the liquid to the solid state. in the IR spectrum one sharp peak was observed, whereas the Raman frequency of the liquid (1295 cm -1) is split into two frequencies 1300 (w) and 1280 (st). Gaseous POCl3 absorbs at 1324 cm -1. the frequency shift gas/solid amounts to ∆v -45 cm -1. Undercooled liquid POCl3 (-30°) shows no frequency shift.


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  • E. W. Wartenberg
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  1. 1.Laboratorium für anorganische ChemieTechnischen HochschuleStuttgartGermany

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