Psychopathic disorders

  • Walther Birkmayer
  • Peter Riederer


In the neuroses it is the patient who suffers; in the psychopathic disorders the world about him suffers at the hands of the patient. The neurotic patient has a functional biochemical imbalance, which pathologically alters and distorts his feelings and his perception of life. The psychopath has a structural biochemical lesion, and this causes him to make inadequate adjustments to his surroundings. I was able to study these abnormal psychopathic modes of behaviour because during the last few decades I observed the changed behavioural patterns of patients who had suffered brain injuries in the last war, and the diseased reactions of patients with Parkinson’s disease. In both groups the patients showed me an aggressive side to their character which was quite out of keeping with their personalities prior to their injury or illness.


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  • Walther Birkmayer
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  • Peter Riederer
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  1. 1.Birkmayer-Institut für ParkinsontherapieViennaAustria
  2. 2.Clinical Neurochemistry, Department of PsychiatryUniversity of WürzburgFederal Republic of Germany

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