Memory loss by glutamate antagonists: an animal model of Alzheimer’s disease?

  • W. J. Schmidt
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Spatial learning of rats was tested in T- and 8-arm radial mazes. MK-801 (0.16 and 0.33 mg/kg i.p.) that blocks glutamatergic transmission at the NMDA receptor, caused deficits in short-term memory and induced a strong tendency for perseveration. These symptoms are reminiscent of some clinical features of Alzheimer’s disease. In connection with anatomical, neurochemical and electrophysiological data, a glutamatergic deficit may tentatively be assumed to be implicated in this disease.


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  • W. J. Schmidt
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  1. 1.Zoologisches Institut, Abteilung NeuropharmakologieUniversity of TübingenFederal Republic of Germany

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