Various Topographic Patterns of Postnatal Neuron Loss

  • Reinhard L. Friede


The subject matter of the present chapter is in many ways related to and continuous with that covered in Chapters 6 and 7, and even some of the etiologic and pathogenetic mechanisms are the same. The lesions are discussed in separate chapters, however, because of differences in the onset of the underlying disease processes in relation to birth. The lesions described earlier (Chapters 6, 7), such as ulegyria, marbled state, or pontosubicular neuronal necrosis, date for most cases to the immediate perinatal period, developing rarely postnatally and hardly ever after the age of 6 months. The types of neuron loss described in the present chapter are usually not related to the stresses and derangements set off by birth; they date only occasionally to the perinatal period, and they are found in children or adults as well. All of these features are equally pertinent to the progressive sclerosing cortical atrophy described in Chapter 10.


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