Involvement of the CNS in Certain Hematologic Diseases of Infancy and Childhood

  • Reinhard L. Friede


A bleeding disposition in the newborn infant may result from: 1. thrombocytopenia, 2. vitamin K deficiency, 3. a temporary insufficiency in hepatic synthesis of coagulation factors because of immaturity or due to hepatic damage by anoxia or infectious diseases, and 4. inherited anomalies of the coagulation mechanism. Intracranial or cerebral hemorrhages may be caused by any of these disease processes. Their neuropathologic documentation for infants is scanty, but the available observations suggest that the type of bleeding does not vary significantly with the various etiologies. The most common form of intracranial bleeding in hemorrhagic diseases of the newborn appears to be subarachnoid hemorrhage, and the subsequent development of obstructive hydrocephalus has been described in several reports.


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