Electrostimulation of the Auditory Nerve — Cochlear Implants

  • Frank Rattay


The earliest attempts of hearing by electrical stimulation have been credited to Volta in 1790. He connected his own ears with his newly discovered voltage cell and thereby he obtained auditory sensations. Electrical stimulation as a treatment for deafness began seriously in 1957. Djourno & Eyries (1957) reported about acoustic perceptions of a patient when his auditory nerve, which was uncovered by disease and surgery, was stimulated with electrodes. This led to separate efforts of three investigators in California who developed implantable cochlear prostheses, i. e., electrodes, which are implanted into the inner ear. These pioneers (Simmons (1966), Michelson (1971) and House (1976)) stimulated other groups in the States, Europe and Australia to develop high quality implants using different coding strategies with the aim to obtain good speech understanding. (Parkins & Anderson, 1983; Schindler & Merzenich, 1984).


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