Pterional Target Areas (Details)

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Fig. 50: Pterional approaches for Fossa cranii ant. were described in Chapter 4. Now the main indication for this approach will be discussed: These are operations at supra- and retrosellar, as well as for parasellar and for temporopolar areas. Conventional frontomedial and frontolateral approaches, as used by Cushing, Dandy and other* authors, don’t allow a sufficient opening of the sylvian or the medially located cistern. If one would try to open the sylvian cistern from Dandy’s approach, one would luxate the temporal lobe a little bit out of its bed. Superficial sylvian veins would hinder a sufficient opening of the arachnoid layers. It is not possible to present parasellar and suprasellar structures. Only a far medially performed approach, basally located, close to Nasion, would allow a presentation of the medial section of the suprasellar cistern.


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