Locations on Skull, Brain, and Surface of the Head

  • Wolfgang Seeger


Lobus frontalis: Sulcus centralis presents the posterior limit. So Gyrus praecentralis represents a frontal area, but its limit (Sulcus centralis) may be located approximately 4 cm posterior from Bregma and the upper segment of Sutura coronalis. Laterally and basally Sulcus centralis of the brain and Sutura coronalis of the skull converge. So Gyrus praecentralis may overcross this suture at their laterobasal segments. Here, and anterior from it, is located Pars orbitalis of Gyrus frontalis III. This may be an important landmark for the definition of the basal segment of Gyrus praecentralis, which is located immediately posterior from Pars orbitalis. Pars orbitalis bulges in a lateral direction against the frontal bone, which here may be thin-walled and bulged in a lateral direction, too. This bulging may be palpable on the head of a patient, at the anterior basal segment of Fossa temporalis, surrounded by Linea temp.- anterior limit — and Ala major — posterior limit area.


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