Temporal Tumors

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  • Wolfgang Seeger


The anterior limit of the temporal lobe (Polus temp.), the upper limit (Sylvian fissure), the basal bed (Fossa cranii media and parts of the tentorium), and the medial limit area (Cisterna ambiens) are well defined. The anatomical definitions of the posterior area of the temporal lobe is not constantly defined in the literature and it has no functional significance (Seeger, 1993). It is the transitional area between the temporal lobe and the so-called “angularis” area — dorsally — and the basally located Eminentia arcuata of the petrous bone. The only landmark which can be found constantly is the Eminentia arcuata. Special functions and defects of the angularis complex are variably located, especially Wernicke’s aphasia. Modern research using functional MRI have demonstrated that sensorial speech problems may be located at the end of the Sylvian fissure, as it is classically described.


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