Part V deals with sensitivity analysis and structural optimization in stability and vibration problems. Chapter 1 is an introduction. Chapter 2 is devoted to qualitative and quantitative sensitivity analysis of vibrational frequencies of mechanical systems with respect to problem parameters. As an example linear gyroscopic system is considered. In chapters 3 and 4 sensitivity analysis for nonconservative problems of elastic stability is given and discussed. Discrete as well as distributed structures are considered. Chapter 5 is devoted to optimization of critical loads of columns subjected to follower forces. Chapter 6 is devoted to optimization of aeroelastic stability of panels in supersonic gas flow. Both static and dynamic forms of the loss of stability are considered. In chapters 7 and 8 bending-torsional flutter problem of a wing in incompressible flow is considered. Influence of mass and stiffness distributions on aeroelastic stability characteristics is studied. Optimization problem how to maximize the critical speed at which aeroelastic stability is lost is stated and solved numerically.


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