Thermodynamic Processes in Fluids

  • Bernard D. Coleman
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Here a body B is a smooth manifold, of material points X, imbedded in a fixed Euclidean space C and possessing an intrinsic mass-measure m. Of course, a thermodynamic process of B a collection g of functions, of X and the time t, compatible with the laws of balance of momentum and energy. At the present level of generality, each thermodynamic process consists of six functions: (1) the motion , with ; (2) the temperature θ, (3) the stress tensor , (4) the specific internal energy є, (5) the specific entropy η, and (6) the heat flux vector . It is here assumed that gravitational body forces are absent and that there is no heat transfer by radiation, (such was not the case in Section 2), and hence the laws of balance of momentum and balance of energy take the forms [cf. (2.1) and (2.2)],
and must hold at all times t and in all parts P of B.


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