Circular Holes and Inclusions

  • Marek Sokolowski
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 26)


Let us pass to the consideration of certain plane problems of micropolar elasticity in which the stress concentrations are not caused by a singular load distribution but by a special form of the loaded body. The simplest and perhaps the most important and widely known example of such a stress concentration is encountered when a plane sheet or plate subject to arbitrary plane state of strain (or stress) contains an inclusion made of a different material. Two limiting cases can be considered here: if the material of the inclusion is assumed to be perfectly rigid then the boundary conditions at the interface between the original material and the inclusion are very simple; the inclusion does not deform and behaves as a rigid body; the displacements of the original material at the boundary of the inclusion either are zero or reflect a possible rigid translation and rotation. It is assumed that both materials are glued together fulfilling thus the continuity conditions before and after deformation.


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