Horizontal Motion of Automobiles, Vehicle Handling, Measurement Methods and Experimental Results

  • Adam Zomotor
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In addition to the subjective evaluation of vehicle handling, measurements of vehicle dynamic are more and more used as an aid in the development of vehicles. The general desire to retain the feeling of skilled test engineers in the shape of reproducible data for the purpose of obtaining the means for comparative improvements resulted especially during the past years in an increased application of measuring techniques. Based on this development, a number of test methods were established which cover important driving situations for vehicle evaluation. The same assignment and last but not least the cooperation between manufacturers of vehicles and the manufacturers of measuring instruments, as well as between institutes, resulted worldwide in a certain standardization of measuring methods and measuring instruments. The successful support of research and development by means of measurement requires that the measuring results of different variations are available as quickly as possible. Meeting such a demand assumes the use of computers for data input and evaluation. The following is a description of the measuring instruments now in general use for vehicle measurements.


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