Deformation and Motion

  • Cemal Eringen
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 23)


Based on physical considerations, the mathematical model of a micropolar continuum is introduced. Coordinates, base vectors, and shifters are presented in Art. 1.2. The concept of directors, fundamental to micropolar bodies, are discussed in Art. 1.3. The motion, deformation, strains, their measures and geometrical meaning constitute the material of Arts. 1.4. and 1.5. The rate tensors appropriate to micropolar bodies are presented in Art. 1.6. The question of compatibility necessary for the singlevaluedness of the deformation and rotation fields closes the chapter. These ideas are essential also to dislocations and disclinations within the context of dislocation theory.


Base Vector Strain Measure Material Point Deformation Tensor Micropolar Elasticity 
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