Experimental Methods and Results in Rarefied Gas Dynamics

  • J. J. Smolderen
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 224)


The considerable interest in rarefied gas dynamics, which developed during the late fifties and the sixties, as a result of spectacular space programs, has led to the study of a great number of theoretical and experimental problems concerning flows of neutral and ionized gases, and to a rich harvest of original results. It is well known that the pace of these activities has been slowing down considerably in recent years, for obvious reasons connected with the de-emphasis of the space effort, and many important research groups who contributed strongly to rarefied gas dynamics have reconverted to somewhat more mundane areas. It appears worthwhile to look back at the developments of the last decades and summarize and evaluate the result obtained, so as to help orientate the research that is going at present, albeit at a reduced pace.


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