The Optimum Rate of Information Transmission Through Noiseless Channels, General Case

  • Arnošt Veselý
  • Igor Vajda
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 136)


A noiseless channel is characterized by the set of messages the channel is capable to transmit and by the respective costs. Let Y denote the channel alphabet, let V be a subset of Y* , to be called the language of the channel (the set of messages directly transmissible by the channel), and let z(u) be a non-negative valued function on V such that u &lt ω implies z(u) < z(υ); here z(u) is interpreted as the cost of transmission of the sequence u∈V.


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  • Igor Vajda
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  2. 2.Czechoslovak Academy of SciencePrague

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