Unsteady Propagation of a Reflected Shock Wave in a Reacting Gas

  • Tatiana V. Bazhenova
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 37)


If the reactions taking place behind a reflected shock wave are nonequilibrium, then their development with time may introduce quantitative features into the process of reflection of the wave. A reaction which does not succeed in reaching equilibrium in gas regions near the front of the reflected shock wave develops in gas regions near the end. These are heated by the reflected wave before others. This produces changes in time in the boundary condition at the reflecting surface, for which reason on the propagation of the reflected wave becomes unsteady. The study of propagation of reflected waves in reacting gases is of great interest from this point of view. In addition, measurement of flow variables behind reflected shock waves and the velocity of propagation of the reflected wave may yield information on the total rates of relaxation processes which take place in the test gas at elevated temperatures.


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