A Module-Theoretical Approach to Vector Space Categories

  • Daniel Simson
Conference paper
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The concepfe of a vector space category over an algebraically closed field and a subspace category were introduced by Nazarova and Rojter [9] in a connection with the second Brauer-Thrall conjecture. In [11, 12] Ringel presents a nice categorical explanation of these concepts and of their use. In the present note we want to give a brief introduction to the socle projective modules technique in the study of vector space categories and indecomposable modules over artinian rings. This approach was introduced in [15, 18] as a generalization of the Gabriel’s I-spaces technique [5] and of the Coxeter type arguments by Drozd [4]applied to matrix representations of posets introduced by Nazarova and Rojter in [8].


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  1. 1.Nicholas Copernicus UniversityToruńPoland

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