A-Projective Groups of Large Cardinality

  • Ulrich Albrecht
Conference paper
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Because free abelian groups have many useful homological properties, the question arises how closely do groups of the form ⊕ A for a torsion-free group A resemble free groups. It becomes apparent that it is necessary to restrict the choices for A. In [1] and [2], it has been shown that the best way of doing this is to restrict the class of rings from which the endomorphism ring E(A) = Horn (A, A) can be chosen. In these papers, A was a torsion-free, reduced abelian group whose endomorphism ring is semi-prime, right and left Noetherian, and hereditary. Such groups will be called generalized rank 1 groups. Their important properties are given in [2, Proposition 3.2]. These can be used to show that the A-projective groups which are direct summands of groups of the form ⊕I A closely resemble free abelian groups.


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