The Non-Slender Rank of an Abelian Group

  • Burkhard Wald
Conference paper
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 287)


For a family (Ai)i∈I of Abelian groups and a cardinal K we define the K-product \(\mathop \Pi \limits_{i \in I} {A_i}\) to be the subgroup of the cartesian product \({\mathop \Pi \limits_I ^{(K)}}A\) consisting of all elements which support is less than K. Let us write AI(K) instead of \({A^{I(w)}} = \mathop \oplus \limits_I A\), A(I) instead of (math) and A[I] instead of AI(W1) . We are going to use the groups Z[K] to introduce a new cardinal invariant for an abelian group.


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  • Burkhard Wald
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