Experimental Methods for Quantitative Analysis of Thermally Driven Flows

  • Tomasz A. Kowalewski
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 449)


Properly designed validation experiments are necessary to establish a satisfactory level of confidence in simulation algorithms. In this review recent achievements in the measurement techniques used for monitoring macroscopic flow field features are presented. In particular, optical and electro-optical methods, for example thermography, tomography or particle image velocimetry, are reviewed and their application to simple solidification experiments demonstrated. Computer supported experimentation combined with digital data recording and processing allows for the acquisition of a considerable amount of information on flow structures. This data can be used to establish experimental benchmarks for the validation of numerical models employed in solidification problems. Three experimental benchmarks based on water freezing in small containers are proposed to model flow configurations typically associated with crystal growth and mould-filling processes.


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