Discrete Structural Optimization: Design Problems and Exact Solution Methods

  • W. Gutkowski
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 373)


In this chapter three groups of problems are discussed. The first one relates to the structural problems for which discrete variables are assumed. Most known designs of this kind are those in which the variables are selected from given finite sets of values. In most cases these sets are lists of prefabricated structural and machine elements available on the market. Also some other more complex problems of DSO are discussed. There are designs in which minimum cost has to be achieved by finding appropriate number of supports and their locations and /or number and locations of linking groups, collecting structural members of the same parameters. The second group of problems deals with basic preliminaries of discrete mathematics applied in last part of the chapter containing four basic, exact solution methods. There are: Cutting-Plane Algorithm, Branch-and-Bound Method, Dynamic Programming and Controlled Enumeration Method. All these methods are illustrated with examples ta hen from listed literature.


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