Elastic Wave Propagation

  • H. P. Rossmanith
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When a mechanical disturbance propagates in an isotropic elastic body inertial and elastic properties control the velocity of the advance and the form of the disturbance frequently changes with progression depending upon the initial character of the displacement and the history of propagation. Elastodynamic theory shows that only two types of waves can be propagated through an unbounded elastic solid: a longitudinal (dilatational,P-)wave, and a transverse (rotational, shear, S-)wave. Particle motion in a P-wave (S-wave) is parallel (normal) to the direction of wave propagation. When the solid has a free surface or an interface between two different media surface waves may also be propagated. In layered structures several types of waves may be generated and propagated. In most practical engineering applications plane, cylindrical, and spherical waves form the majority of waves encountered.


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