Maureen the First Steel Gravity Platform in the North Sea

  • A. Agostoni
  • E. Gnone
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 283)


Tecnomare has designed, on behalf of Phillips Petroleum Company E & A, a Steel Gravity platform, with integrated oil storage, to be installed in the Maureen Field, in the British Sector of the North Sea. Tecnomare’s interest in the Maureen Field development dates back to summer 1975. Since that time several proposals have been made concerning the structure to be used for the exploitation of the field.


Wave Height Storage Tank Mooring Line Wire Rope Mooring System 
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  • A. Agostoni
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  • E. Gnone
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  1. 1.Tecnomare S.p.A.Italy

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