Self-Organizing Dynamics with Entropy Potentials

  • Giacomo Della Riccia
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 219)


Since the work of Gibbs we are familiar with the idea of treating the phase space Γ = {p,q} of a mechanical system S as a sample space where the initial conditions ω = (p,q)εΓ of S, at time t = 0, are supposed to be chosen at random, To each ωεΓ corresponds a curve {ωt; −∞<t<∞} in Γ which describes the time evolution of the ystem. {ωt, −∞<t<∞} can be viewed as a stochastic process whose sample curves are possible time histories of S, Given an arbitrary measurable function Φ(ω) on Γ, we derive from the previous process another stochastic process {Φt(ω); −∞<t<∞} defined by Φt(ω) = Φ(ω−t).


Phase Space Wave Equation Configuration Space Hermite Function Classical Probability Theory 
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