Some General Aspects of Fracture Mechanics

  • G. I. Barenblatt
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 331)


Two basic concepts of fracture mechanics are considered in these lectures. The first is what is the fracture phenomenon from the mathematical viewpoint? It is shown that fracture is not a local, but global event related mathematically to ceasing of existence of a properly formulated free-boundary problem of equilibrium of elastic body with cracks. For time independent strength properties of bodies it leads to a concept of limiting load. For time-dependent strength properties it leads to a concept of life-time.

In the second part the general concept of similarity method is presented including its modern aspects such as scaling, incomplete similarity and fractals. Applications to static, fatigue and multiple fracture are considered.


Fatigue Crack Stress Intensity Factor Crack Extension Cohesion Force Fracture Phenomenon 
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