Experimental Evidence of Non-Linear and Creep Behaviour of Pyroclastic Rocks

  • A. Evangelista
  • S. Aversa
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 350)


An analysis of the mechanical behaviour of pyroclastic rocks is discussed in this paper, with particular evidence to non-linear and creep behaviour. This topic is treated presenting experimental results obtained on Neapolitan tuffs at the University of Naples. Standard tests, which outline the non-linear behaviour of these rocks, have been performed for many years and their results have been presented in many papers. Although creep tests on the Neapolitan tuffs have also been performed for many years, their results have never been published before this paper. For this reason a substantially different approach is used in discussing the non-linearity and creep behaviour of these materials. In the paper a comparison with comparable behaviour of other rocks and soils is presented.


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