The VibroView System a Modern Concept of Condition-Based Vibration Monitoring of Big Turbogenerators

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The investigation of the mechanical vibrations is an excellent method to indicate the current condition of a machine, whereby the vibrations must not be necessarily at high levels. Even within the normal intensity ranges, they are an indicator of the machine condition because they describe the dynamic forces acting on the considered system. (machine frame, foundation, building, etc.). This paper deals with vibration monitoring at large turbogenerators.

At first, general aspects of monitoring are covered, diagnostic strategies and impacts on the plant operation are discussed. Then the impacts of a modern monitoring system to the maintenance strategie of a power plant are described and discussed.

This is followed by the configuration of a modern monitoring system. As an example the description of our condition-based monitoring system “VibroView” is taken, which will be presently implemented in our 1000 — MW nuclear plant “Leibstadt”. An explanation of our expert system “ViDiamon” is finally given, which is either a stand alone — System or an option to the “VibroView” — System..The “ViDiamon” — System is a software tool, in order to diagnose the most common faults of turbine or generator out of the vibration signature. This tool had been also developped by engineers of ABB. Presently 15 fault cases are implemented (such as shaft cracks, loose stator frame, pedestal resonance etc.), but more of them will be added, according to our experience.


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