Construction and Impoundement of an Earthdam

Application of the Coupled Flow-Deformation Analysis of Unsaturated Soils
  • E. Alonso
  • F. Batlle
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 357)


A coupled flow deformation theory for unsaturated soils has been developed. Soil deformation is defined in terms of two effective stress fields: net stresses and suction. Volumetric behaviour, including swelling and collapse phenomena, is defined by means of state surfaces. Water and air continuity equations and mechanical equilibrium conditions are solved through a Finite Element formulation. A procedure to solve undrained problems has also been developed and included in the analysis. To illustrate the capabilities of the method a detailed analysis of the construction, impoundment and filtration through a zoned earth dam is presented. The effect of compacting the central clay core wet or dry of optimum has been analyzed. Soil properties have been derived from soil tests performed in situ and in the laboratory. Computed patterns of behaviour reproduce observations often reported in connection with the behaviour of zoned earth dams.


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  • F. Batlle
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