Response of Linear and Non-Linear Structural Systems under Gaussian or Non-Gaussian Filtered Input

  • G. Muscolino
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 340)


Many types of loadings acting on engineering structures possess random and dynamic characteristics. Even though the study of random vibration, using the concepts of stochastic process theory, is a relatively new engineering discipline, interest in this field has grown rapidly in the last few decades. The result is a very extensive literature. However, while in the random vibration of linear structures there are now several papers which cover both theoretical and practical aspects and a number of text-books which give a good overview of the subject [1–4] is available, the study of structures which present non-linearities is more recent and exact solutions are available for few special cases only. Furthermore, while a comprehensive linear theory exists, no correspondent general theoretical framework for non-linear problems has been formulated due to the complexity of these problems.


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