Ballistic Locomotion of a Biped

Design and Control of Two Biped Machines
  • A. M. Formal’sky
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 375)


This article contains two parts.

1. Direct method of anthropomorphic biped locomotion design is developed. The designed walk consists of the alternating phases of single and double support. During the single-support motion the control torques are zeros, therefore this motion is called ballistic. The double-support phase is instantaneous. At the instant of double support the impulsive control torques are applied in the joints. They are described by δ-functions. The problem of ballistic locomotion design is formulated as a boundary-value problem for the system of equations describing the single-support motion.

2. Two bipeds were designed at the Institute of Mechanics, Moscow Lomonossov State University: one with telescopic legs and another with anthropomorphic kinematic scheme. The design of the bipeds, control systems, and adaptive algorithms for controlling the vehicle locomotion in the sagittal plane are described.


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  • A. M. Formal’sky
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