During the past decade there has been renowed interest in Holography, in Gabor’s well-known wavefront reconstruction process[1]*, the method of storing information concerning the three-dimensional nature of an object. In Holography, one records the electro-magnetic field that has been reflected from some object scene. By interferometric methods to create standing wave patterns in space, one can record the entirety of this wave pattern, both amplitude and phase, on some medium such as suitable photographic film, which responds to intensity only. At some arbitrary later time one can recreate the original wave pattern by illuminating this photographic record, called a hologram, with a beam of coherent light. One then sees the replica of the original object scene, in full three-dimensional form. This replication is, to all appearances, indistinguishable from the original scene.


Wave Pattern Spatial Coherence Photographic Record Coherent Light Interferometric Method 
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