Hemivariational Inequalities. Existence and Approximation Results

  • P. D. Panagiotopoulos
Conference paper
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The theory of variational inequalities is closely connected to the notion of superpotential introduced by Moreau1 for convex generally non-differentiable and nonfinite energy functionals. If Φ is such a functional, a superpotential relation (material law or boundary condition) in the sense of Moreau has the form
$$f \in \partial \Phi \left( u \right)$$
where f and u are a “force” and a “flux” respectively in the terminology of Onsager’s theory and ∂ denotes the subdifferential2, which is a monotone multivalued operator. Such a law allows the derivation of variational inequalities3, 4 which are expressions of the principle of virtual or complementary virtual work (or power) in static problems and of d’ Alembert’s principle in dynamic problems.


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