Topics on Unilateral Contact Problems of Elasticity and Inelasticity

  • J. J. Telega
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 302)


These lectures present selected unilateral boundary and initial value problems of elasticity and inelasticity. Particularly, for elastic Signorini’s problem with general subdifferential sliding rule two dual problems are derived as well as the bidual one. Some historical and modern views on friction phenomenon are briefly presented. The next chapter is concerned with unilateral frictionless and frictional problems for viscoelastic, plastic and viscoplastic bodies. In the last chapter homogenization of microfissured elastic solids and plates is studied. It is assumed that microfissures behave unilaterally.


Variational Inequality Contact Problem Signorini Problem Load Multiplier Frictionless Case 
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