Singular-Perturbation Homoclinic Hyperchaos

  • O. E. Rossler
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 319)


The relaxation-oscillation or singular-perturbation principle, respectively, lends itself to the generation of chaotic flows out of two 2-D flows connected via two 1-D thresholds (“reinjection principle”). In the same vein, two 3-D flows can be overlaid to generate hyperchaos using two 2-D thresholds. A special case in spiral-flow-based singular-perturbation chaos is “homoclinic” reinjection, a codimension-one situation that is covered by Shil’nikov’s theorem after time inversion. An analogous reinjection in screw-flow-based hyperchaos is of codimension two. An infinitely often folded (in the limit noninvertible) hyperhorseshoe exists near the homoclinic trajectory. The latter can be part of a strictly self-similar basin boundary.


Finite Type Basin Boundary Chaotic Flow Homoclinic Trajectory Extended Neighborhood 


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