Small-Amplitude Finite-Rate Waves in Fluids having both Positive and Negative Nonlinearity

  • A. Kluwick
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 315)


The present study deals with weakly nonlinear progressive waves in which the local value of the fundamental derivative Γ changes sign. The unperturbed medium is taken to be at rest aucl in a state such that r is small and of the order of the wave amplitude. A weak shock theory is developed to treat inviscid motions in channels of constant and slowly varying area of crossection. Furthermore, the method of multiple scales is used to account for thermoviscous effects which are of importance inside shock layers and acoustic boundary layers. New phenomena of interest include shocks having sonic conditions either upstream or downstream of the shock, collisions between expansion and compression shocks and shocks which terminate at a finite distance from their origin.


Shock Front Compression Shock Jump Condition High Frequency Wave Wall Shear Stress Distribution 
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