Baroclinic Turbulence

  • E. J. Hopfinger
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Baroclinic turbulence is stratified geostrophic turbulence where rotation and stratification are of equal order. A measure of the relative importance is the internal radius of deformation A, which compares (stable) density stratification effects with respect to rotation. In a two-layer fluid, when A → 0, the problem reduces to a one layer barotropic turbulence and when A → ∞, the two layers are uncoupled. In the intermediate case a vertical shear is allowed and the tilting of the planetary vorticity f∂u/∂z is compensated by -(g/ρo) × ∇p [1]. The perturbation pressure is essentially hydrostatic ∂p/∂z ≈-g ρ′.


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