Crushing Response of Simple Structures

  • Jorge A. C. Ambrosio
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The explicit expression for the mean crushing force, P m , corresponding to a complete folding of a standing alone SE is derived by substituting expressions for contributing energy dissipation mechanisms, Eq. (8.5), into the governing minimum condition, Eq. (7.13). The complete derivation of the following result is given in [9.1]. The final form of the governing expression is
where A i = A i α*), i =1,2...5. The five terms in parenthesis on the right hand side of Eq. (9.1) describe, respectively, fractional contributions to the total energy dissipation resulting from five elementary deformation mechanisms, identified in Figure 8.5. The five factors, A i i =1,2...5 result from the surface-time integration. Factors. A 2 and A 4 , are easily calculated as a closed-form functions of geometrical parameters. The remaining factors A 1 , A 3 and A 5 , are functions of elliptic integrals and must be calculated numerically. The meaning of other variables appearing in Eq. (8.2) is explained in section 8.2.1.


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