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Computer Control of a Robot for Realization of a Smooth Motion

  • Simeon Panev
  • Michel Fayet
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 438)


The robot “NOSTRADAMUS” is a parallel structure with two arms, each of them possessing 3 revolute joints (fig. 1). Each arm ends with a sphere connected with a spherical joint to the base moved by two friction wheels linked to two motors M1 and M2 (Fig. 2-a). The parameters of motion are the Euler’s angles (Figure 2-b). From the variational problem for realizing smooth motion of the robot in presence of a nonholonomic constraint we can find the Euler angles in function of time and three integral constants. The latter are determined by the limit conditions which introduce a strongly nonlinear constraint between them. The laws of the engines’ movements provoking displacement of the sphere are obtained.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Simeon Panev
    • 1
  • Michel Fayet
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Applied MechanicsUniversity of Chemical Technology and MetallurgySofiaBulgaria
  2. 2.Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de LyonVilleurbanneFrance

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