Theoretical Aspects of Interfacial Phenomena and Marangoni Effect

Modelling and Stability
  • R. Kh. Zeytounian
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 428)


In a liquid layer, wavy motion of the free surface open to ambiant passive air (at constant temperature Ta and constant pressure pa) represents one of the most important cases where capillary forces are displayed. The motion induced by tangential gradients of variable surface tension is customarily called the Marangoni effect (after one of the first scientists to give an explanation of this effect), and in the present Notes we consider mainly thermocapillarity effects and pose an equation of state: σ = σ(T), for the surface tension, as (only) function of the temperature T. Indeed, these Notes are devoted to a Theoretical Fluid Dynamics aspects and modelling of wave dynamics and thermocapillary instabilities processes in falling thin liquid films. The starting equations and the boundary conditions on the interface between two immiscible fluids, are the full Navier-StokesFourier (NS-F) equations for a viscous, thermally conducting, compressible (expansible) Newtonian fluid (liquid) and associated jump conditions for the stress tensor, the heat flux and the temperature across the interface (free surface). The simplified case we examine involve a simple geometry — the one-layer system — in which there is a liquid (weakly expansible) layer, whose lower boundary is a heated rigid plate and whose upper boundary is a deformable free surface with a passive gas (having negligible viscosity and density) — the so-called “Bénard thermal convection problem ”.


Free Surface Liquid Layer Marangoni Number Interfacial Phenomenon Marangoni Convection 


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