Sensors and Transducers Used in Robots

  • Adam Morecki
  • Józef Knapczyk
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 402)


The interaction between the robot and the environment must be informed by data on the state of the environment, and the features of the individual objects contained in the robot’s workspace, and information on the status of the robot itself and its mechanisms. We must know something about the mechanical and physical properties of the environment and particular objects, their position and orientation in space, the position and orientation of the robot links and the end-effector, the forces and velocities reached by these links, etc. These data are needed for the proper control of the robot using feedback loops (Fig. 10.1), and can be provided by means of sensors and transducers, either intelligent (integrated with computer systems, such as vision systems), or non-intelligent (providing input data for the computer).


Grip Force Vision Sensor Pulse Emitter Touch Sensor Machine Vision System 
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