Experimental Behaviour of Granular Materials

  • P. Y. Hicher
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 385)


Granular materials are present in different branches of engineering such as Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Metallurgy, Pharmacy, Electrical Engineering. The shape, the size, the constituents of the grains can be very diverse, as can also be the mechanical loading to which they are submitted. We can for example study the stability of rockfill dams or the compaction of submicronic powders at very high stresses. These materials, in principle different from each other, have in fact common features due to their granular structure. In particular, their mechanical properties are strongly dependent on the mean stress (the first invariant of the stress tensor). When submitted to small mean stresses, the shear strength is also very small and the granular material can flow almost like a liquid. This is the case for example in silos. On the other hand, when the mean stress is high, the granular material will be able to bear high loading such as in the case of Civil Engineering infrastructures.


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